A Family Tradition since 1873

Ardis Farming, Inc.

1873 - Abram Lucius Ardis moves his family from Louisiana to

Oakdale, CA. He continues the tradition of farming by planting

wheat and grain at the Ardis Brothers current almond orchards.
1900 - Abram's son Percy Casper Ardis married Caroline Ott.

The Ott family immigrated from Germany in 1881 to Oakdale, CA.

They raised sheep and cattle during the depression era.
1918 - Percy Ardis inherits a quarter of the Woods Ranch and in

1948 his son William inherits the land and immediately purchases

the remaining three quarters of the remaining Woods Estate, approx.

1200 acres. The family continues raise cattle on the land.

1957 - The land is divided between Percy's three children, William, Caroline and Martha. William Percy Ardis continues to raise cattle on the land until his passing in 1970.

1970 - William Ardis leaves the land in a trust for his wife and two sons, William Ward and Richard Bradley Ardis. His son Richard continues to raise cattle on the land until a three year drought threatens to bring an end to the cattle business. The brothers consider planting almonds and walnuts.

1978 - William and Richard Ardis purchase a piece of their mother's land and plant almonds and walnuts. Their fathers' remaining land is passed on to the brothers following the passing of their mother. 

2005 - After inheriting land, the two brothers divide the land. William farms 120 acres of almonds, while Richard raises cattle on the remaining land until his passing.

2007 - Richard's wife Alida and their three sons, William, Grant and Richard Ardis continue to raise cattle and farm 80 acres of almonds. 

2010 - The Ardis Family renews a business relationship with Richard's oldest son, Bradley Ardis. Bradley has spent the past 20 years operating and owning a construction company. With the newly formed partnership, the family sells the majority of the pasture land and forms two new entities, Ardis Brother's LP and Ardis Farming, Inc. The land that they do not sell they decide to plant with Almonds.

 2012- The Ardis family continues to seek out new opportunities to develop new farming ranches throughout Stanislaus County. The Central Valley now produces 80% of the worlds almonds.

Ardis Family Tradition