A Family Tradition since 1873

Ardis Farming, Inc.

The Future of Farming

FarmLogs technology makes farming more efficient and more profitable as demand for Almond production continues to grow.

Farming just got a whole lot smarter
Track field rainfall, monitor local grain prices, manage farm operations, and much more.

Work on the go
Your data goes where you go. FarmLogs is automatically synchronized between all your devices and even works in those fields where cell service is spotty.

ClimateMinderTM is a wireless climate monitoring and control system. It uses mobile network technology to transmit key data from the field directly to our mobile phones, computers and control systems.

Optimize growth patterns and reduce costs
ClimateMinder helps us optimize growth patterns, increase  productivity and product quality, shorten time-to-market, save water, reduce cost for nutrients and pest control, and lower operating costs.

Alerts and Controls
ClimateMinder puts us in control of the environmental and climate variables that affect the ultimate success of our production.

Bringing Experts To Our Business